So, it is fitting to make my first blog on ‘change’ or ‘transformation’. You see it was not very long ago that I took the bold decision to sell my business of 20 years and to embark on a new career in life coaching.  To everyone around me packing in my job and starting something new, was perhaps a rushed and ‘reckless’ decision (yes, I was in a very good position financially and professionally), but for me this change was part of my long-term plan in the making, I just did not know when it was going to happen until it did! But I also knew I had to change myself and my mindset, and make some tough decisions, as well as to be brave and courageous, easier said than done!

Most of us have a desire to want to make significant changes in life, whether in our career, relationships, environment, physical habits or the way we think and operate, but the changes never seem to happen, why is that?

Because changing any aspect of our life, means making hard decisions, and a willingness to let go of those comfort zones and habits that are so difficult to give up. Most people are comfortable where they are and scared to step into the unknown. If our current emotional state provides security and comfort, making any change becomes a difficult task. Additionally, if we are not convinced how our life will be transformed for the better or if there is no clear vision, making changes will become redundant. Another reason that makes change hard to achieve is impatience. When we do not see results fast, we will not have the incentive to continue the effort to change. Without effort there is no result!

I am a great believer that if you truly desire something, regardless of age or circumstance, it is possible, but you need to want it badly enough to be able to conquer all negativity and quieten the inner voice that is forever telling us not to ‘do it’. So let us start to ask ourselves what we truly want and to get one step closer to a more fulfilling life.